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SafetyNet Inc

SafetyNet Inc.™ is a leading provider of professional Environmental Heath and Safety services and online EH&S management solutions. We specialize in assisting companies and facilities of all types and sizes in assessing compliance needs, managing safety risks, reducing the risk of accidents and costly regulatory fines, training employees based on OSHA standards, and maintaining overall EH&S compliance requirements.

What We Do

  • Audits and Inspections
  • Gap Analysis
  • Safety Training
  • OSHA Mitigation
  • Written Plans
  • Record-keeping
  • Permitting
  • JHA'a & SWP's
  • ​FMEA's
  • And more!

       For all industries and                      facilities. 

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         Identify your risk for injuries

         and violations


         To work with your team and                  develop goals


         Minimizing your risks and                    developing sustainable                          solutions


         Through multi-case experience            and expert knowledge of the law


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​​What We Offer

​​Our Approach

Stay informed with the latest OSHA news at Federal OSHA Quicktakes and Cal OSHA News.

Environmental compliance and OSHA safety issues are a major case of business failure and unnecessary expense. Unforeseen hazards, inspections, and violations can catch you off guard and unprepared. Our professional staff oversight and the cloud based solutions we can provide will ensure that your company follows regulatory guidelines to reduce exposure to costly violations and fines.​​​

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"We build relationships that last by providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Our Team can help you to safeguard your respected business through training, professional oversight, and a proactive approach to EHS risk management...It's priceless peace of mind."  

- Steven Brooks, President of SafetyNet Inc.